A Big Christmas Thank you


The annual Stockley Park Christmas Donation Drive was yet again a great success! Occupiers were invited to donate items to benefit the mothers and newborns helped by the Topaz Midwifery Team of Hillingdon Hospital.

The team is the first of its kind in the UK, with its mantra being rolled out across the country. The midwives specialize in supporting mothers who have complex psychological and/ or additional social needs, ensuring the mothers do not have to deal with issues alone and are provided with support after their baby is born.

All of the items donated will be shared amongst the mothers, some of whom have very few material items. Over the Christmas period, the TOPAZ team was supporting 18 mothers who were refugees.

“Please can I convey a big heartfelt thank you to all of you at Stockley Park for the very generous gifts on behalf of the whole TOPAZ Maternity care team. It was such a joy to see Claire and Sarah arrive with so many gifts for the vulnerable mothers we look after, especially in these difficult times. We were able to start distributing them that very same day in our afternoon clinics and there were so many smiles from the families who benefitted. Our thanks once again and may we wish you all a safe and prosperous New Year.”
-Karen Phipps
TOPAZ Team Lead Midwife

Thank you to all who donated to this worthwhile cause. Stockley Park occupiers were able to fill a large car with items that will certainly find a good home with the patients of the TOPAZ team. Mothers under the care of the team do not ordinarily receive items that will make their lives easier, so the donations mean an awful lot.
Thank you also goes to Hyatt Hayes Hotel who generously got involved and added to the Stockley Park donations.