Donation to Hillingdon Hospital


As part of our ever-growing relationship with our local community, Stockley Park was able to donate to the Audiology department at Hillingdon Hospital.

The team uses a piece of equipment called Affinity, that is essential to the service they provide to their patients, as it is an all-in-one hearing aid device. It not only provides the hearing test but also assists the audiologist with ensuring the hearing aid is corrected exactly to the patient’s needs and fixes any issues in the long run.

As these items are specialist pieces, the cost involved with purchasing a new one is astronomical… the hospital not only needs to factor in the cost of buying a new piece of equipment but also all that is involved with upgrading computers to a new piece of IT software, which can cause months of issues. With that in mind, it was agreed for an existing piece of equipment to be upgraded with new parts. Doing this has prolonged the life of the was a great expense and Stockley Park was happy to be able to provide the funds to make this happen.

“We see the hospital as the centre of the community and whenever we are able, Stockley Park Estates Company Ltd tries to help Hillingdon Hospital with needs which cannot be provided by other means. To be able to assist the Audiology Department by providing the parts to the Affinity machine means they can continue helping so many more people within Hillingdon. I was able to see the benefits of the machine first hand and fully understand the lifeline it provides the team.”

– Claire Watson, Lifestyle Manager, Stockley Park

The Audiology team is extremely appreciative of having their equipment back in working order for years to come and thank all occupiers of Stockley Park for being able to do so. To illustrate the importance of the Affinity machine, in one day alone, one machine ensure appointment for 16 patients.

“A big THANK YOU to all at Stockley Park Estates Company Limited for their generous help improving our Affinity ear care unit. This will enable a smoother, more efficient testing of hearing aids. Not only will this help improve and speed up our patient care (plus improve NHS cost savings) but you are also helping us help people with hearing loss improve the quality of their lives.”

– Daniela Susanu, Head of Audiology, Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust