Special Tree Planted for Dave Gittings


Long-serving member of the Stockley Park Landscaping team, Dave Gittings, recently retired from his role after 34 years of helping to carve the landscape of Stockley Park. Dave joined the team when the Park was being built and saw firsthand the emergence of the UK’s first business park from the gravel pits which were once here.

In recognition of the long service and dedication, Dave showed the Park throughout his career, the Landscaping Team recently planted one of Dave’s favourite species of tree, a Blue Atlas Cedar, in The Squareabout. Dave will also receive a special gardening tool which he will be able to use in his own garden or allotment. While Dave is unable to join us to see the tree at the moment, we are hoping he will be able to visit soon so he can enjoy ‘Dave’s tree’.

More about Dave’s time at Stockley Park can be read in an article which was written in 2018 for Stockley Point.