Wildlife Trusts’ Biodiversity Benchmark Award


Stockley Park, an 88-acre business estate south of Uxbridge, has become the first business estate within the M25 to be awarded the prestigious Biodiversity Benchmark by the Wildlife Trusts. Home to 6,000 occupiers from across 60+ businesses, the park prides itself on not only providing an area of interest to human clientele, but also to the substantially large number of wildlife living in the area.

Awarded to 53 companies across the UK, the benchmark recognises Stockley Park’s dedication to enhancing and maintaining the landscape. Achieving the benchmark has meant demonstrating how Stockley Park manages the estate with biodiversity improvement as a priority.

The Stockley Park’s Biodiversity Action Plan, which was implemented three years ago, has allowed for various habitats to have been purposefully provided for the wildlife. To name but a few, Stockley Park is now home to stag beetles, foxes, five different species of bats, 23 breeding bird species (including reed warblers), and hedgehogs.

On the planting front, different species have been chosen to benefit pollinators, and wildflower meadows have been added to provide environments welcoming to both insects and birds.

Pieter Borchardt, Estate Director of Stockley Park, said

“Achieving the Biodiversity Benchmark Award is testament to the dedication Stockley Park Estates Company Ltd has to the wildlife and landscape of the Park. The team has worked hard in making Stockley Park an area which can be enjoyed by occupiers, the community and the wildlife. We are proud our hard work has been recognized by the Wildlife Trusts to award Stockley Park the Biodiversity Benchmark”.